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Years ago I had a very “interesting” problem on a boat- intermittent on/off on main engine fuel feed pump. That is how I met Gregory Rhew. Impressive diagnostic and repair skills! He drove to La Paz to finish the job.

Later in the year, on another boat with diesel engine, we found the boat in “memorable” condition- someone had filled the tank with gas. Called Greg /not easy to pump and discharge hundreds of gallons of gas/diesel mixture/- he and his boys did did it all in less then few hours.
Highly recommend! A+++

Marine Captains at SD Captains
Captain Nikolay & Assen Alexandrov

My experience in working with Gregory Rhew was always positive.
He was professional, timely, accommodating. He was an important consideration in my decision to place my boat in Puerto Escondido.

Bill Smith
S/B Kook 55 FT

Gregory Rhew has proven to be a highly competent and utterly reliable professional in his marine services. He is easy to work with, price sensitive, and uses a competent support team. I recommend him enthusiastically.

 Fred DuVal
S/V Corcito

This is Kurt from West Coast Multihulls. Greg Rhew at Puerto Escondido Marine was always cordial and professional in all my dealings with him. As far as I know the work he did for me on behalf of my customers seemed to be of high quality.

 West Coast Multihulls (Company), 2018


Dear Sirs.

I would like to inform your that I have dealt with Greg Rhew for the repair of my vessel Aries. Greg replaced the engine mounts on our diesel engine. It was not easy to source the replacement parts, and Greg had to try twice to find them, the first ones being the wrong size. He then had to cut out the old mounts which were in a very difficult location to remove. The work was done cheerfully, and the charge for the work was reasonable.

I was very grateful that Greg was available in Puerto Escondido to do this specialized and difficult work, otherwise I would have to have taken my boat to La Paz to do the work, and to store the boat.

 Aries 46 FT, 2018


Dear Greg and Mary Rhew,

Rarely have I seen such quality work in a boat yard.  Our first encounter was when my inverter failed.  I was impressed with how you diagnosed the electrical problem and helped me ship the inverter back to the US for repairs.  When the US repair shop failed to fix it properly, you lent me the inverter from your boat for my return trip to the US.  Thank You!

Our second encounter was after I scraped the bottom of my boat on a reef.  It was a deep gouge about 15 ft long.  You very professionally filled in the gouge and applied fiberglass to the bottom conforming to the hull lines and made it look good as new.  What an artist!  You also repaired the hole in the bottom of my dinghy with fiberglass that made it stronger than the original surface.

When my trim tab pulled away from the transom, you designed a metal bracket to attach it more firmly to the transom.  Great design and metal work!. When you noticed that my door lock was not engaging properly, you fixed it by adding a small metal plate.  Great handiwork!

Most of all, I appreciate your prompt attention to my needs, pleasant demeanor, and can-do attitude, both from you and Mary.  You made my misfortunes more tolerable!  Thanks for rescuing my Mexico vacation. I’m happy to recommend you to those who come along after me.

Pied-A-Mer 51 FT, Tiara 50 Coupe, April, 2018

I want to say “thank you” for your personnel at Marina Puerto Escondido, especially Greg Rhew. Greg has the best diagnostic skills and mechanical competence of anyone I have used to repair systems on my boat in the ten years that I have owned her. We decided to use the marina seca at Puerto Escondido solely because of Greg being there. If we have any more problems, I know Greg’s troubleshooting skills will enable him to persevere to find a positive resolution to any problem. It is wonderful that you have found such a great person to manage your boatyard. I think he will add much to your success in improving this marina. I only wish I could take him back to Seattle to be my go-to problem-solver!

Let me remind you of our history: my wife and I arrived at Puerto Escondido last spring (2017) and rented a mooring ball. We own a relatively new boat, a 2007 Island Packet SP Cruiser. Our steering had been getting stiffer and stiffer, so I asked Javier if the marina had anyone on staff who could take a look at it. He said yes, that the marina had just hired Greg to manage the boatyard. Javier gave me his own personal cell number and communicated with me frequently (even after work hours and on his day off) via text until I got in touch with Greg. (Javier has helped us with many issues, including our Spanish after we asked him to do so. He, also, is an excellent addition to the marina and will help “sell” the marina. He is very competent and very helpful.)

Unfortunately for me, Greg was on a trip to San Diego, but still asked me background questions about my problem via texts and pretty much learned the history before he arrived. Greg came out to my boat on a Saturday afternoon immediately after arriving at the marina. He verified that I had a problem that would require some disassembly, and asked if he could start early Monday morning. At the end of the first day, Greg diagnosed that the factory had installed a rudder post without any means of lubricating it. This rudder post had been steadily corroding and had gotten to the point that it was almost unusable. He even found the engineer at Edson who had driven my particular boat, designed the steering system, and figured out what to do. Unfortunately, we had to order parts from Boston. But Greg had the connections and the know-how to have them couriered down from San Diego and had the parts here within a week. All together, he had my steering operating better than when it was new in less that two weeks!

Greg wanted to do some sea trials the following day, and I agreed. I mentioned that I had a drive train noise that I wanted him to look at also. We met early the next day. Greg asked me to start the engine and put the transmission in idle reverse. In less than 30 seconds, he diagnosed that my drive shaft was bent, and showed me the lathe marks where someone had tried to straighten it in the past. That drive shaft was installed in La Paz in 2014. Afterwards, I was unhappy with the vibration and had two independent “experts” examine it. Both told me it was fine. Clearly, it was NOT fine. Greg said that I could make it back to La Paz and, since I was shipping the boat to Victoria, have the problem fixed at home.

The decision was mine to make. At that point, having found someone who is extremely competent and who I had come to trust, and who speaks fluent Spanish and English, we decided to haul the boat, get a drive shaft from the US, and fix the problem correctly at Puerto Escondido. Had Greg NOT been so good at what he does, we definitely would have gone back home and NOT spent the money at your marina for marina seca, dock fees, buoy moorage fees, much less the repair costs. He is definitely increasing your income!

We picked up our boat this January, 2018, and the drive train is the most vibration free and more smooth-running that it has been since we bought the boat new in 2008. He replaced the transmission key, drive shaft, cutlass bearing and balanced the prop. Additionally, he performed a complete bottom job and polished our fuel. He also kept an eye on our boat and took care of her when the hurricane passed close by last year (even removing our dinghy and storing it at his home, which was way beyond the service most people would give).

We are completely happy with all of Greg’s work to date. Unfortunately, I have not been successful in trying to get him to move to Seattle so that I can use his services there. He is the core of your boatyard services in Puerto Escondido, and a tremendous asset to your business. Thank you for helping us out when we needed it. 

 S/V Abby Normal, April 12, 2018

To any Boat owners:

If you’re in the Puerto Escondido area and need professional help from mechanical work to monthly maintenance, look no further than Puerto Escondido Marine.  They manage our boat for us while we are away for months at a time.  They wash it down and run the engines weekly.  Clean the bottom monthly, and do mechanical work as needed to make sure when we get to our boat its all ready to go.  Greg and Mary, the owners, will go out of their way to make your boating experience a good one.  So If you need any mechanical or maintenance work done to your boat get hold of Greg and Mary Rhew.  They are conveniently located near the top of the main dock.

 S/V Purrr Fect 38 FT, November, 2017


Upon arriving at Puerto Escondido I found that my raw water intake/engine cooling hose (on the high-pressure side) had split and was severely leaking. There was a geyser in the engine compartment! In my adrenaline-crazed rush to secure all leaking, I closed the intake thru-hull, but jammed it shut, and broke off the handle. Ugh! I tried various things for three days to release the valve, but to no avail. I asked Greg, at Puerto Escondido Marine to inspect it, and he came to the same conclusion I had – we needed to haul Lutra and replace the thru-hull and the valve. After hauling Lutra I decided to have Greg and his crew change the cutlass bearing (it looked terrible and was likely about to fail!), install a new prop shaft seal, and to repaint the bottom. I had purchased Lutra over three years ago and there were no records of these things being done in the past. I decided that it was time to make sure that these crucial items were taken care of. Greg and his crew (his wife Mary, and Johnathan and Pablo out in the yard) did an excellent, professional job of assessing what was required, providing a detailed estimate of parts/labor time/cost, getting the jobs done to ABYC standards, and then following through to make sure that everything was complete. Greg takes pride in their work, and I was pleased with the fact that he walked and talked me through all the details of what needed to be done; he was also very patient and open to answering my questions, and was insistent that I be present to supervise the work if I wanted. Puerto Escondido Marine is a family owned and operated business, and Greg and Mary stand by, and are very serious about making sure that their customers are comfortable and satisfied with the work being done! I would absolutely recommend Puerto Escondido Marine to anyone needing critical work or routine maintenance done on their boat! Not only am I pleased with the outcome of this adventure, but I feel like I have some great new friends here in the Baja! Thank you very much Greg, Mary, Johnathan, and Pablo!! 


 S/V Lutra 35 FT, Junio 2017

I have used Greg and his company since coming to Cabo and Puerto Los Cabos Marina in November and believe his work to be excellent and would like to continue to use his management company. I would recommend him (and I have) to others boat owners in the area.

Doug Wilson, Owner Lucky Linda, 2016

Por este conducto le comento a usted que el Sr Gregory Rhew es una persona muy leal, trabajadora y servicial. 

Siempre estuvo al servicio de la Capitania de Puerto de San jose del Cabo en donde el Sr. Rhew apoyo con su experiencia, conocimiento y otras habilidades en algunos rescates y busquedas de embarcaciones. 

Durante casi 3 años que conoci al Sr Rhew, mantuvo un respeto y trato amable con esta autoridad maritima, por tal motivo no tengo ningun inconveniente de recomendarlo para los fines que convenga al Sr Rhew. 

Francisco Javier Lucero, Captain de Puerto, San Jose del Cabo, B.C.S.

During my tenure as a General Manager of Marine Group Boatworks los Cabos, Greg Rhew was a frequent customer of the shipyard and yacht chandley. I served as general manager from October 2013 – April 2015 at the Los Cabos satelite facility. Greg had brought several vessels to the yard via Los Cabos Yacht and performed different re-fits. Greg showed the capacity and capability to do the work as well as the knowledge of the vessels, their different systems and functions. Greg showed ambition and did much of the work himself with his crew but at the same time worked closely with the shipyard on all the subcontracted and in house yard labor proyects. I recognize Greg to be a knowledgeable captain and showed good all around general understanding of boats, repairs and maintenance, and services to onboard systems.

Brian Hopper

General Manager Marine Group Boatwork Los Cabos

Dear Mr. Rhew 

This letter is to thank you for you excellent work on the 70’ sailing vessel “MAYA” done during the months of October – December 2015, Your knowledge of the vessel systems, electrical and electgronics was very helpful and we found your work to be excellent standards.  On behalf of the owner, Douglass Tausik, I would like to offer  the highest recommendation. Please feel free to use me as a reference. 


Captain Charles Saylan, Yacht Management & Services