Complete Yacht Services in Los Cabos, Mexico

A Unique View From Land

Enjoy it for a moment- you won’t stand here long. We’ll see you on the water in no time!


Come get lost in the right direction.

Yacht Services

Yacht Management

Gain peace of mind with timely inspections, recommendations, and project management ensuring your time here is well spent enjoying your trip. Preview our packages on our Services Page.

Yacht Maintenance

We deliver first rate, hands on repairs of your vessel. Seasoned repairmen with years of experience on the Baja will get the job done right.

Yacht Deliveries

Get your vessel to it’s next destination with our crew and captain services.

What Can Los Cabos Yacht Do For You?

Looking for an unforgettable family outing in the Sea of Cortez.
At Los Cabos Yacht we work hard to make your visit to the region memorable and have you return as a client every year! Let Los Cabos Yacht’s network of vessels and local captain’s and staff show you our favorites, and get swept away in a sea of excitement on and off the water. We look forward to meeting you!

A Day In The Office

Ready When You Are!

How do you enjoy your vessel to the maximum?

By having Los Cabos Yacht Management and Charters perform a program of regularly scheduled maintenance, detailing, system checks and diving services, your boat will be kept in top condition.

There are a multitude of long term financial benefits for our clients.
In addition, you will not be waiting on your vessel to be ready during your valuable “free” time.

This allows you maximum enjoyment!